Spark Their Natural Curiosity And Love Of Learning

3 Exceptional Curriculums, Multi-Language Instruction,

And STEAM Enrichment Shape Your Child's Education

Spark Their Natural Curiosity And Love Of Learning

3 Exceptional Curriculums, Multi-Language Instruction, And STEAM Enrichment Shape Your Child's Education

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Multi-Language Learning In Spanish And Mandarin

Young children are at a unique “window of opportunity” in which language learning is intuitive and natural. Professional Mandarin and Spanish teachers give your child a foundation for lasting cognitive and communication skills.

Did You Know? 3 Astonishing Benefits of Multi-Language Instruction:

Better And More Advanced Reading Skills

Knowledge of a second language gives children an advantage in learning to read.

Greater Confidence And A Love Of Learning

Learning a second language leads to a deeper and broader passion for learning.

Boosts Brain Growth In A Long Lasting Way

Exposure to more than one language is proven to improve early brain development.

The Zono Cabinet Sanitizes All Your Child's Items Daily

The Zono sanitizing cabinet safely and effectively disinfects toys and hard-to-clean, porous materials, as well as fabrics. Protect your child’s health; all of their items are placed in the Zono machine to eradicate germs and viruses.

We Safeguard Your Family’s Health:

Safety Measures Provide You With Peace Of Mind

Safety and security measures like restricted access control, a fenced-in yard, and internal security cameras help keep your child safe at all times so that you know they’re in good hands throughout the day.

Strong Reading Skills For Kindergarten Readiness

Your child is more than ready for their next academic level, focusing on pre-reading and pre-writing skills. Know that your child is prepared to excel within their learning process.

For Your Convenience, We Are Open From 6 am To Midnight

Children Tend To A Lovely Garden Outside

Your child unlocks a world of nature through tending to their garden, teaching them about the importance of fruits and vegetables, and supporting their independence through discovering the natural world.

3 Curriculums Strengthen Your Child's Early Learning

Your child learns from a blend of the Creative Curriculum©, Zoo-phonics®, and Funshine Express®. These curriculums complement and build abilities in all areas, including language, math, science, physical development, and social-emotional skills.

Practical Life Skills They Will Carry Throughout Life

Children learn practical life skills like keeping a tidy space and dressing themselves while happily helping others along the way. When they are ready, self-care skills like hand washing and toileting become a part of your child’s daily learning.

Daily Enrichments For More Layers Of Learning

Enrichments spark your child’s creativity, strengthen their cognitive skills, and build their sense of self. 

Yoga Classes

Increase your child's physical activity, agility, and focus.

Music Enrichment

Improve memory, focus, and math skills with rhythm.

Dance And Movement

Keep your child active and build a mind-body connection.

Physical Activity

Get their heart rate up and help your child burn energy.

Chess Playing

Sharpen your child's mind through this strategic game.

Poetry Time

Children learn vocabulary through rhyme and repetition.

STEM Activities

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math enrichment.

Sign Language

Babies self-express early with this communication style.

Delicious, Home-Cooked Meals Included In Tuition

Your child receives delicious home-cooked meals and snacks every day. Our kid-friendly and nutritious catered program is nut-free, with gluten-free options available, and that can be modified for any allergies or sensitivities.

Parents Love Staying Connected With The Brightwheel App

Receive updates directly to your phone with an app designed to help you stay informed about your child’s day. Check up on your little one’s meals, nap times, play, special activities, and learning. You’ll also receive plenty of pictures and videos that make you smile.

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