We Support You & Your Family

Expect The Highest-Quality Care

Open From 5am to Midnight

We Support You & Your Family

Expect The Highest-Quality Care

Open From 5am to Midnight

Preschool & Childcare Center Serving Chicago, IL

We Proudly Support Subsidy Families.

Fun-Filled Learning Awaits Your Child!

Extended Hours For Your Convenience

Working early hours or late shifts? Open from 5 am to midnight, we work when you work so you can focus on doing what’s best for your family. Handle your busy schedule with ease, knowing your child is well cared for.

Yes, We Provide FREE Diapers & FREE Wipes For You!

Tasty, Healthy Meals At No Cost To You

Never worry about packing lunch! Your child’s breakfast, lunches, and snacks are included in your tuition. Our team prepares healthy and delicious options, makes everything on-site, and will gladly cater to allergies or sensitivities.

Get Sweet Updates With Your Parent App

Cute photos, videos, and everything you need to know is at your fingertips with an easy-to-use app. Your child’s teachers use Brightwheel™ to keep you in the loop with all the news and progress and send it directly to your device.

Virus-Free Classrooms With Zono Cabinet© Sanitization

Your child unlocks a world of nature through tending to their garden, teaching them about the importance of fruits and vegetables, and supporting their independence through discovering the natural world.

Safety Measures Give Parents Peace Of Mind

Restricted access controls, a fenced-in yard, and internal security cameras work together to protect your child at all times, so you can rest assured they’re safe and sound all day, every day.

Fun Enrichments Like Yoga, Music, And Baby Signing

Exciting enrichments like yoga, music, dance, and baby sign language spark your child’s interest in many fields, get them moving, communicating, and more. The cost of all daily enrichment activities are included in the cost of tuition, so no hidden fees!

Your Child Deserves An Exceptional Education

Your family experiences the highest quality of care in the hands of passionate, dedicated early childhood education experts. Our mission is to bring exceptional early learning experiences to our community, and to tailor this to the needs of your child.

A Great Education Will Set Them Up For School

Quality programming is the key to giving your child an edge when it’s time for them to start school. Through fun, engaging activities, we build their abilities in language, math, science, physical development, social-emotional skills, and more.

Multilingual Learners Have An Advantage

Young children are at a unique “window of opportunity” in which language learning is intuitive and natural. Professional Mandarin and Spanish teachers lay a foundation for lasting cognitive and communication skills that open doors in the future.

No Co-Pay Until January 2022!

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